From time to time, giving your bedroom a romantic setup helps in rekindling the flame of love within you and your spouse. Now, you dont necessarily have to spend much in the interior designing part of the process. Using your imagination, you can take advantage of what you have in your bedroom to help you achieve a romantic setup.

 According to studies, the colors red, blue, pink, and even gold can stir up feelings of passion and romance. Therefore, when changing your beddings, take note of the said colors. Do this with your window curtains as well. Furthermore, use silk fabric for the blankets, comforters, and even the pillowcase. 

 After that, proceed to taking care of the lights. The lights should not be too bright at all since it can ruin the mood for love and sex. Instead, try to achieve a dim light setting by having a dimmer in your bedroom. This will give you complete control over the lights. If you find that technique quite expensive, the more economical but effective way is to use candles. 

 Scents can help bring back memories. So if you want your spouse to be reminded of romantic memories, have scented candles set up in every corner of the room. This will surely excite you and your partners senses. Try not to pick up candles with strong scents as they can ruin the mood of any people. Instead, pick soft scents such as vanilla or lavender.

 Your setup is not complete without soft and relaxing background music. Jazz, classical, and even Latin music are excellent choices. For non-stop music, compile your favorite love songs and have them playing all night long. The relaxing music will help set up the mood for love and sex between you and your spouse. 

 If you are not satisfied with the basics, you can push things a little further by sprinkling rose petals all over the place, from the floor near the entrance all the way to the bed. Nothing can beat the natural aroma of fresh roses. Most importantly, do not forget to bring the wine. It will help heat things up in case you will need a little push.
Bedroom Ideas Romantic Setup

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